lördag 2 april 2016

Week 13 - 2016

Manifesto (2015)
Look at other people’s ways of looking at you,
Look at other people in such a way that they have to look at your way of looking at them,
Let others look at you as if you look at them in such a way that they have to look at your way of looking at them and let them look at your way of being yourself.
Be here!
Start living for others, stop searching for yourself, you are here.

Let god be, let everyone have their gods, be your god. Look up to yourself and love yourself,
make love to yourself, live out. Dance and sing. Be a poet, heal yourself and others. Stop hiding and stuffing yourself with pills, learn how to heal yourself and others. See the forest for what it is. See its aura, hear it speak to you, feel its love for you, feel it make love to you, let the forest embrace you completely. Disappear in it, forget it, forget yourself and stop searching for yourself. Go out and be a stone, let the tree take over your body and change your hair to moss. Wasn´t the forest supposed to be our school? Or what? Don’t we believe that all the answers we never need to look for but still find are found in the ever dying, ever reborn forests´ always forgiving cycle?

Let us never stop knowing that they who never have listened to the forest, the stone, the sand, the mountain, the wind, the grass, the rain, the snow, the fire, death, birth, the dance has never seen love. Let us never stop knowing that we have never stopped loving.

Love others more that yourself, never forbid love. Which is the dance that does not liberate you? Let the dance be revolutionary! Let it be revolution. Never look down at the one who dances. The one who dances – loves. Never let them stop saying that you love, never let them make you stop caring, even though you never really cared. Time does not exist, everything happens simultaneously. Who has the right not to care? Don’t judge but act. Don’t beg for a spot in heaven, it is here. Don’t let them put you in place, your place is in heaven, it is here, without knowing what it is and without caring, without you caring, lie down in the sun, in the grass, let yourself decompose and live out all that you can. Let your body disappear and become one with everything, live out, be one with yourself and love others more than yourself. Love your body and how it moves when you dance, love your body when you are loved and even more when you are hated. Don’t let anyone hate you and never hate anyone, hate the bourgeois, hate the oppressor society.

We have to be let falling down into the cracks in society, but rather crawl down and settle there, we must be let getting pissed at like we are pissing at those who tried to make our society worth living in. Digging up the old to vomit at it and then devour it again. Cutting out the eyes which are looking at us from long ago and taping the mouths shut that are shouting to us from the past. Are you standing up, shouting? Shout, SHOUT! SCREAM that you hate all that the bourgeois has brought us, our feudal society that wants to tear up the roads for journeys between classes. Who wants to kill your grandmother’s grandmother’s mother again, regardless if she was a fascist or not.

Let all concrete buildings crumble, let the industry collapse, stop going to the store, settle down in a culvert. Live in a rainbow! Forget everything you´ve ever learnt and learn to love without thinking. Be reborn as a socialist! Love all what feminism is and believe in the future, believe in yourself and listen to your children, let everything that surrounds you melt in to your body and enter the world as a tree, as a stone. Throw the stone at the window of the bank and shout out that you hate capitalism, the market – you are no product, you are a tree, you are a stone, your sexuality can´t be found on a shelf in a store, it is growing in the lawn, your sexuality is no school book, it is a berry bush, a decomposed log of birch, crawling with life. Live out and dance! Make love to yourself. Fuck! My sexuality is that of the witch´s; it is queer, and more, more than that, it´s a drop of water, shimmering in all the colors of the rainbow. My politics is the one of the witch´s; it is an infusion of all that went wrong in society, of everything that I have imbibed. In this life, previous and coming, drink from me, take me. Be a witch with me, look beneath all the stones, be a stone that someone can be hiding under, that someone can turn over, throw the stone in the face of the custodial fucker. Call the estranged, OUNADIKOM, OUNADIKOM, I am calling all those who do not fit in.

Shall we not have time to watch the grass grow? OR WHAT?! Shall we not cry tears of joy when the robin sings for us? Shall we wait for all the birds to die? Shall we not empty our tear reservoirs when the bedrock is blown up? Live a day as a stone, let us be thrown at display windows, skimmed across pavements?

Who will remember you otherwise? Who will remember you when you are dead. Drink the tears that are pouring down the streets when we see a world without love. I remember you, because I love you, I remember the love.

Can you let anything be? Give up on your dreams and all there is. I hear the word rights being misused almost every day, what are our rights worth when there are so many who suffer? Who suffer so we can live like we do. Why is no one speaking about human responsibilities? A society only for the strong is no society, it´s only that which we have, a capitalist oppressor society. If you don´t believe me, may you become a socialist, if even for a day, look at the world through feminist eyes and dare to help someone weak.

Could you ever let everything be silent, do something for anyone else than yourself. Can you be a tree for a day, can you swallow the contempt you feel against yourself for not loving the estranged, for not waking up as a witch today, for not lying in the grass for hours, making love with a tree?

Stop hoping and start believing, stop believing and start acting, stop acting and start being, stop being and start loving, stop loving and give away yourself. Stop with everything that you do, stand still, pause and start all over – never stop moving. Let your dance be your manifesto – let your life be your dance. Quit labeling foreheads and dance, dance, stop everything else, dance, dance, build a world filled with witches and dance, dance. Dance alone, dance with me, dance with a tree, dance, dance. Be one with all and dance.

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